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Dredging at Wahkiakum Port District No.1 

Learn about our Dredge Project 

Dredge Project
Dredge Project
Dredge Project
Dredge Project
Dredge Project
Dredge Project
Dredge Project
Dredge Project

   In 2004 the channel entrance was dredged by Hickey Marina, they used a clam shovel to dig the spoils and the spoils were barged and belly dumped to an in land disposal site at Buoy 41, the cost was approximately $450,000 and that marina was not dredged at that time because the barge was to wide to enter the marina. over the years the shoaling increased making it impossible for the transient boaters to come and go in and out of the marina unless it was high tide. So after a lengthy discussion the Port Commissioners decided to purchase a smaller dredge that could maintain both the channel and the marina.

Wahkiakum Port District No.1 purchased the Dredge from Rose City Yacht Club in 2017. At a price of $20,000 The Dredge was barged down the river by Omega Morgan from Portland, Oregon in January of 2016 at the cost of $16,000 it was necessary  that the dredge  be barged due to the lack of free board and the chance of it sinking on the trip down the river.

We have a dredging permit  for 10 years  to dredge both the channel and the Marina. 

Wahkiakum Port District No.1 Dredging 2019

Dredging in 2019 started November 1st, 2018.  Our window to dredge out side of our marina is November 1st, to December 31st, 2018. January 1st  to February 28th, 2019 is our window to dredge inside of the marina. This year we completed dredging to the allowed depth from Army Corp. The dredge spoils our piped to  dewatering ponds located next to our RV park. Our plan is to fill in the three ponds with spoils.  

Employing three local residents. Along with two skiffs and one tug boat. With approximately 1,700 ft of pipe. The crew was able to dredge the channel entrance to a depth of 10' to 12' and the marina to 7' to 9'. 

The dredge and tug received a new paint job 2018 going from a blue to a wonderful red, white and black which are  Wahkiakum colors.  

Leasing the Dredge

Leasing the Dredge

Have an area you want to be dredged? You can lease our dredge, crew and boats to do the project needed. Below is our dredge lease to read over. You can contact the Port for any other questions you may have. 

Dredge Lease 


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For afterhours check in or fueling call our camp host Bruce at 

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Monday - Friday 3pm - 8pm

Saturday & Sunday 9am - 3pm

For Events 

Mail requested information to 500 2nd Street

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Elochoman Marina

River Mile 38

500 2nd Street Cathlamet, Washington 98612



The Elochoman Marina is operated by Wahkiakum Port District No.1 a Municipal Corporation.

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