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Elochoman Marina 

Park rules and regulations

Pet Policy 

We welcome pets to our Marina.
  • You are required to pick up after your pet.
  • Doggie Bags are located around the marina for easy clean up.
  • Keep dogs quiet during quite time.

Pets are not allowed in the Cabins. Fee can apply.

Leash law 

The Elochoman Marina Follows the leash law of Cathlamet.

Click link below to read more on the leash law.

Quiet Time 

  • 10pm To 7am.
  • We do ask that you don't run a generator that would disturb any nearby campers.
  • Keep noise levels of music, talking, children and pets low during these times.

Have fun but also be aware many people come camping to enjoy the quiet.

Fish Cleaning 

Fish Cleaning is not allowed inside the marina. 

Including off boats or docks.

This keeps seals out of the marina and off our docks. 

Fish cleaning station is located at the beginning of the Dike.

Fish waste in barrels only! Nothing on the banks please.

Other park rules 

  • Campsites shall facilitate one recreational vehicle and one additional vehicle. (Additional vehicles $10.00 per day)
  • All campfires must be in designated fire pits
  • No solicitation
  • Public intoxication or drug use is prohibited
  • Limit 6 people in Dry Camp Sites (No Exceptions)
  • Towing policy strictly enforced

Elochoman Marina

500 2nd Street 

Cathlamet, WA 98612




Hours of Operation 

Summer Hours

March 18th-September 14th

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm

Saturdays 9am-3pm

Winter Hours

September 16th- March 18th 

Monday - Friday 9am-3pm

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