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Farmers Market Rules

Please read over rules.
Rules are to be followed at all times.

When you sign up to be a vendor, you will be asked to sign a copy of the rules.

Market Fees- Fee for those who have not signed up before May 10th it is $10.00 each market. Power is an extra $7.00 if required.

Space Assignments- Full time and part time vendors will already have a vendor number and will be able to go to their space and set up. Guest vendors will need to check in with the market manager one hour before open. Vendors can also find our space number by calling/texting event manager. All vendors must sell in the 10x10 space you are assigned vending or selling outside this space is not permitted. If a bigger space is needed talk to the event manger one week before market. Additional fee may apply for bigger space.

Full/Part Time Vendors-Full and part time vendors will receive priority when spaces are assigned. Note that other events may require vendors to change assigned space.

Dates-The market dates you pick you must attend. In an emergency please contact event manager.

Set up/Breakdown-

            Set up begins at 1pm and must be completed by 2:30pm. No later! During the set up time Vehicles are allowed in the market area. Vendors need to unload their stuff and remove vehicle from market by 2:30pm. Parking is provided.

            Breakdown. Vendors need to remain up and selling until 6pm each market. At 6:05 vendors can bring cars over to start loading up. If we still have customers at 6:05pm vendors need to be courteous and wait until others are done to start breaking down.

No Early Tear Downs- After 3pm vendors are required to stay in place and selling tell 6pm no exceptions. You are allowed to tidy up your space but remain open.

Canopies- Canopies need to be tied down sufficiently and safely anchored or using at least 30lb of weight on each leg. All weights and tie downs need to be attached in a way that is safe and not a hazard to customers. The Elochoman Marian Farmers market does experience wind. If canopies doesn’t appear safe to the event manager, I will ask you to take it down for the safety of our customers

Vendor Parking- Contact event manager for parking instructions.  

Special Requests- See the event manager prior to market to make any special requests to any market rules. Example if you do sell out of a van or trailer. If you need to reschedule a market date, contact the event manager one week prior.

Cancelations/No shows-  

            Cancelations. If you need to cancel a market date you have signed up for event manager needs to be advised one week before the market. If you have paid and are cancelling a market date or are unable to make it, there will be no refund. If there is a market date that you have not signed up for you can reschedule to another date.

No shows- if you signed up for a market and you did not call, will lose the space that was reserved and you will not get a refund for paid market.

No Smoking- At the Elochoman Marina Farmers Market.

Pets/Children- Well-mannered pets-on-leash are allowed provided owners clean up after their pets. Pick up after pet stations are located around the marina. Children must be supervised at all times during the market.

Disposing of Trash- You are responsible for keeping your space clean and the removal of all trash at end of the day.  Dumpsters are open for your use.

Question: contact the event manager (Mackenzie Jones) for any questions you may have. Via e-mail or call/text 360-849-9411.

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